Q: What is SocialBug?

Answer: SocialBug is an affiliate tracking app that integrates with your online store.

Q: How does SocialBug track affiliate orders?

Answer: When your affiliates shares their referral links, a cookie is created in the users browser with that affiliates unique id#. If that user makes a purchase we will check to see if that tracking cookie exists to credit the affiliate their sale.

Q: Why should I use SocialBug?

Answer: Turn your customers into promoters and boost referral sales.

Q: Can I customize the look?

Answer: Yes, we have all settings necessary to match the backoffice with your brand.

Q: What is a tiered commission plan?

Answer: Tiered commission allow affiliates to earn commission on other affiliates that they have introduced into the program.

Warning: Paypal does not like multi-tiered commission systems. Although your business may not be doing anything wrong, they lump multi teired systems into their non desirable category. Proceed with caution if paying or using with paypal.

Q: What types of compensation plans come standard?

Answer: This depends on your plan. Basic plan only allows a max of 2 tiers. Enterprise you can do advanced plans such as binary/matrix/xup/ and custom.